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  Korean cosmetics are now become very popular worldwide. Our Friends often ask which are the best of best. Here are top seven items that we have selected with help of our friends of cosmetics industry. 


1. [Claire's] Guerisson 9 Complex Cream   

     I was really excited when I heard about the weird ingredient more than anything else. Did a food scientist suddenly discover that chocolate cake actually makes you lose weight if you just add more butter and chocolate? That’s cool, I guess. Did a chemist discover that toucan saliva may stimulate collagen synthesis?  OUTTA MY WAY! I gotta get my hands on a toucan saliva serum, RIGHT NOW! 

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    2. [Laneige] Water Sleeping Mask   

       First things first, I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Laneige. Sure it’s a very popular Korean brand and has earned its reputation through its signature products such as the Water Sleeping Mask

       I applied the product twice a day for one week, putting it on before sleeping and letting it stay on my face overnight. The instructions indicate to tip it on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks before spreading it outwards, but I mostly just spread it on my face like butter on bread. (Come on, it’s already time for bed!) During that week, I had ample, good sleep, and I’m not sure if I should thank Sleepscent for that.

      “Your skin will not remember what you did last night” is a line from the product’s TV ad in Korea & Singapore, which actually means you can go partying, watch soap operas, FaceTime and all, sleep for 4 to 5 hours, and still get radiant skin.

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      3. [Mediheal] Ampoule Mask Pack   

         This mask has an advanced moisture regulating system which adjusts depending on the skin’s hydration needs. This mask suits both dry and oily skin for it balances moisture well in order to keep the skin fresh and healthy-looking. It also targets dead skin cells by gently softening and peeling them to free the pores from being clogged. It enhances the skin’s texture and hydration levels with its rich blend of Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid and Adenosine.

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        4. [Etude House] Dear Darling Tint   

           The jelly-like texture is also comfortable to wear and easy to apply. These tend to be more pigmented than watery lip tints, but less pigmented than creamy lip tints. Gel lip tints offer a glossier finish than water lip tints, but the shine can wear off somewhat quickly. Our recommendation goes to Etude House for the best gel lip tint. Etude House in general makes great lip tint products. Their “Dear Darling” lip tint is effortless and beautiful.

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          5. [] Clean It Zero Cleanser   


             This product is unique because unlike most oil cleansers, it comes in solid form. It is a sherbet-y texture that is easy to scoop out with the little spatula and place in the palm if your hand. This unique formulation makes it super travel friendly (yay, no spillage!) And like all great oil cleansers should, it doesn't leave behind a greasy residue and it removes most waterproof makeup without stripping your face of its natural oils.

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            6. [Holikaholika] Pig nose Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit    

               Did you know there are no blackheads on the nose of a pig? And guess what else? You don't have to either! Say goodbye to your blackheads with Pig Nose Clear series. This series gets rid of blackheads that are deep-rooted in pores and makes your nose soft and fair. Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit contains all three steps necessary for perfect pore control. The first step opens your pores to allow for easy blackhead removal and cleaning. The second step eliminates all waste and removes even the deepest blackheads. The third step minimizes the pores for a fresh and smooth look and feel.

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              7. [Elizavecca] Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack   

                 This jella pack can be used as a moisturizer, mask pack or sleeping pack! It is so unique and special because half of its content is collagen (50,000mg of collagen!) that is extracted from natural pig skin! All of the collagen makes this product suitable for people with all skin types, especially those with dry skin who want to deeply moisturize their skin or for those who have big pores that want to make their face more firm.  
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