KEYCLUE.COM is subsidiary division of PLATFORM FACTORY Inc. a multi-sided-platform enterprise for commercializing creative contents, products, and services.

Ethics of Platform Factory

    1. Enterprise based on Cooperation to Change the World - We provide creative and innovative products and services that changes the world, and create ecosystem of cooperation. We create great value by collaboration with other companies, consumer, and all of the stakeholders.
    2. Relentless Innovation - Innovation is our DNA. We value experience of the past, but we do not take it for granted anything. We alway believe that there is better way of doing.
    3. Honest and Trusty - We do business honestly and transparently. Keep the promise to customers and business partners. Trust of our customers and business partners is the most important asset.
    4. Find a solution - we are the company that can solve the problem that others can't. Never say it is impossible. We invent new solution.
    5. The Best Workplace - enjoy one's job and work hard. Try to make the company enjoyable place.
    6. The Best People - Recruit talented people and grow with them. We have to aim high, learn and develop, and should help their colleagues' development. 
    7. Equal Opportunity and Fair Business Practice - There are no borders among our employees, customers and partners. We provide equal opportunity to our employees regardless of nationality, race, gender, wealth, religion, and educational background. We believe in fair relation between the business partners regardless of the nationality would win.
    8. Focus on result and achieve a goal - You have to prove by the result. If you set a goal, you have to achieve.
    9. Value Data - Data is a valuable asset. Performance of the company, departments, individuals, projects, and products and services should be objectively measured.  Humbly accept scientific analysis, and fight prejudice.
    10. Aim the best - Be innovative and aim the best. Learn from the best people. Never say that it is good enough.